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Dental Hygiene

I`m in constant pain.



for the past 2-3 days my mouth has been hurtin to the point where im almost in tears and i cant eat. i looked at my mouth yesterday adn i have a few enlarged tastebuds but i have two really large ones that are kinda white with red. i have all kinds sores in my mouth like ive been sucking on sour candy for a long period of time but i havent eatin anything sour in months. also my gum are slightly receding adn certain areas are slightly dicolored. do you kno what could of caused this or what i can do to help it get better?


In your question you stated that you have sores all over your mouth and discoloration of your gums.  Usually viral infections in the mouth linger from 10 – 14 days, and if it was just confined to your tongue I would probably suggest waiting the 10 – 14 days before consulting your dentist.  However, since your sores are all over your mouth and are interfering with your daily nutrition, I would see a dentist right away.  He/she may be able to provide some antiviral medication that may speed the healing process and provide some suggestions or other topical medication that can provide some relief from the immediate pain. 

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Susan   Bauchmoyer, RDH, EFDA,  MS Susan Bauchmoyer, RDH, EFDA, MS
Associate Professor – Clinical, Clinic Director
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University