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Neck pain



I lifted something heavy yesterday and now I got a pain in my neck. If I move my neck to look towards the left I get a pain just behind my ear and runs down to my shoulder. I also have RA in my neck but that pain is in the back of my neck.

Could this be a tendon, legiment, or muscle injury? I have read that it should be rested and I also heard that it should exercise it. Which one is right? What can I do to reduce the pain with out effecting my RA in my neck?


Both answers are correct, depending on the diagnosis; in some cases rest is needed, and perhaps application of heat in combination with medication. In other cases, exercise (physical therapy) is a good idea for the neck.

As with any new injury, we suggest that you consult a physician who is local to you. In doing so, you can receive a proper diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan that is based on the diagnosis.

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Stephen J Page, PhD Stephen J Page, PhD
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