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Sleep Disorders

Tingling sensation



I have been having tingling sensation over my entire body. This has only happened twice both time at night while asleep and last about 30 Min. I seem to have no after effects other then wondering what could cause this sensation. I have not read anything about the whole body pins and neddles problem. What can cause these tingling (pins and Neddles) sensations? What can I do to avoid it?Thank you.


This question has been forwarded by Sports Medicine:

Pins and needles (or paresthesias) have many causes. The most common sleep-related cause is probably compression of a nerve (in other words, you sleep on your arm and it falls “asleep”). There are many disorders that can cause these sensations, but in these other conditions, the sensations tend to be persistent and last throughout the day. Some of the more common disorders associated with paresthesias are diabetes, back problems, and vascular disease. Restless legs syndrome usually causes a sense of not being able to get comfortable and urge to move the legs.  It would be unusual for restless legs syndrome to cause a "pins and needles" sensation, so I don’t think this is it. If these sensations persist, I would see your doctor as you may need a referral to a Neurologist.

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