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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Seeking A Health Care Professional



I have suffered my entire life and have either been misdiagnosed and given Ritalin or have been unable to find a therapist or a drug that worked. In school, I didn`t speak at all until the 3rd grade. I never had friends or any fun. I have never even been able to connect with anyone in my family. Now I`m almost 27 and seeing too many more lonely, depressing years stretched out in front of me. I don`t think the drugs I`ve tried worked because they were meant for people who are just a little shy at parties (like you see in the commercials) or have only been depressed for a few months. I need something stronger that will at least help me to accept the way things are. I cannot go to a doctor because I probably couldn`t afford it and I would have to actually call and talk to one. I`ve tried this before, and it was a disaster. So what should I do?


It certainly sounds like you have some serious emotional and psychiatric problems.  Unfortunately, what you need to do is what you state you cannot do -- you need to seek out a mental health professional, preferably a psychiatrist (in addition to a counselor or therapist) and be honest about your problems and history.  You need to be willing to listen to the professionals as well as to tell them the truth.

There are many resources for low cost or free health care in the US, although you will likely need to search for it, and you may need to be put on a waiting list to be seen.  However, it is the step you need to take.

Good Luck.

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