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Vascular Surgery




A couple of weeks ago I had an "aching" pain in my right leg and the next morning I had a massive bruise on the outside of my thigh. Last night I couldn`t sleep because my leg hurt again but the pain was all concentrated around my inside knee. This morning I woke up to another bruise that covers almost all my inner thigh. Is this something I should be concerned about as I know I didn`t "bump, hit, or bang" anything into my leg. Are veins breaking or something or are they just topical veins???


From what you are describing, you may have problems with the valves in your veins not working properly. In general, this is a quality of life issue and should not cause you medical problems; however, I would make an appointment to see your primary care physician to have it further evaluated as there are many minimally invasive ways to deal with venous insufficiency or varicose veins at this time. Best of luck!

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