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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Burning tongue/throat



I have been diagnosed with lprd disease and am taking Prevacid. My thoat and tonge are burning badly this week. Is this related?...or is this possibly a symptom that my B12 shot needs to be more frequent than every three weeks? I was orginally diagnosed with prenicous anemia as a result of burning tonge.


Burning tongue and throat could be due to laryngopharyngeal reflux.  Acid is a strong irritant and can give either a burning sensation or sour taste in the mouth.  A trial of acid suppression for at least three is reasonable.  Vitamin deficiencies may cause these symptoms.  Ask your primary care doctor to screen your B12 levels on your current replacement program.

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Lee   Zimmer, MD Lee Zimmer, MD
Assistant Professor or Otolaryngology, Director of Endoscopic Cranial Base Center
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati