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Can I get pregnant?



my boyfriend and i did some heavy petting.. he was wearing his underwear which was a brief and a pair of pants which were slacks..i stroked his penis and i wanted to know that what if he "came"..could i get pregnant if the hand i stroked his penis with came in contact with my vagina 3 HOURS later? we did heavy petting at 9 am and i touched my vagina at 12 noon... between 9am to 12noon, i touched LOTS of things like money, my bag, my water bottle, his shirt, the outside of my skirt, my pad papers, my pen, pencil.. and at 910am to 915am, i rubbed my hands 2 times with 2 different hand sanitizers..then i rubbed my hands on his shirt after the hand sanitizers...can i get pregnant?

additional info: before i started stroking him, he attempted to touch my vagina by reaching inside my skirt and panties but he only touched my butt...his hand never touched my vagina opening...and before he touched my butt, his both hands were on my clothes and ive never seen him touch his penis before touching my behind because as i said, we were clothed the whole time...so, could you tell me please what are the chances that im pregnant? is it zero or is there a really big risk? im so scared i promise ill never do this again...please help?


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This question does not fall within the scope of my topic area. I have forwarded your question to a NetWellness Expert who I hope will be able to provide you with an answer. In a few days, please look for an answer to your question in the NetWellness Expert topic area called Pregnancy.

In order to conceive, sperm would need to be ejaculated into the vagina through vaginal intercourse.  Therefore, there is no chance of pregnancy from the encounter you have described above.

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