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Vascular Surgery

Knot in leg



i am 33 years old i had a son in sept 2006 i had a c section right after that i had 3 clots in my leg i was treated with coumadin i got better but my leg swolled up and the doctor never told me why i ahve been to several doctors and they cannot explain to me whats going on i have crucial pain in my right leg i have a knot and every day that passes i have more and more veins popping out who do i need to see


I suspect you have venous insufficiency or varicose veins. Ask your primary care physician to refer you to a vascular lab to get a venous reflux study of your veins, then an appointment with a vascular surgeon who works with veins. In the meantime, knee high support stockings of 15-20mmHg would help alleviate your pain. Good luck!

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