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Eye and Vision Care

What can cause vision to go blurred suddenly?



I do not wear any glasses or contacts,and have never had vision problems until just recently. In October 2005 my vision suddenly became extremely blurred without reason ( no head trauma,etc... of any kind ) However I had burst 4-5 blood vessles in my eyes (3 in right & 1-2 in left ) within that year I never knew why,and still don`t. My vision blurred a few times (only lasted about 4-5 min.) about 5 days before it really went crazy. On october 19th I experianced "sudden severely blurred vision", and had to have my mom come get me from work and take me to an opthomaligist.

Long story short,NO ONE has been able to solve the mystery yet,and I still have extremely blurred vision when I walk,chew,and am consistently moving. For about the first 2 months it was consistanly blurred ever 3 seconds(blurred clear blurred clear, like a steady rythem), now it is dominantly blurred just when I am active. However it is also blurred when I am experiancing palipations, ( one of my other weird symptoms) and am perfectly still. I`ve been to doctor after doctor,but I have yet to find one who truley cares and will listen to me. I am only 26,and feel like because of that, these doctors try to find every excuse under the sun as to why i`m having these symptoms. I`ve had some blame panic attacks, or a break up,NONE of which I honestly can relate to. They`re looking for a quick easy answer to get there payment and send me on my way. My vision has yet to return to normal ( it`s still really bad ) and I don`t know what to do. Here is a list of my symptoms:

Blurred vision Lightheadedness at times Feeling of weakness and near blacking out occurancees palipations(jumping) & pulsating feeling back of head & neck excessivly tired all the time ( constantly yawning ) warm sensations in backs of lower legs eye pain occassionally ( but mostly a headache directly behind eyes ) weird spacing (air head feeling)

Please get back to me.


I'm sorry, but your questions should be addressed directly by your physician. It is not appropriate for me to give you such specific medical advice. The vision is only a small part of it.

You may want to seek the advice of a doctor who manages chronic fatigue syndrome or inflammatory or vascular conditions.


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Cynthia Gale Heard, OD Cynthia Gale Heard, OD
Assistant Professor, Clinical Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University