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Digestive Disorders

Prepping for an enema



What is the best way to give yourself an enema prep solution? I had a colonoscopy and was given the solution to use but no instructions on what the best method to use. I laid down on my side on the floor but I`m not sure that is the best method.


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I would recommend contacting the clinic/provider where you will have the test. Usually for a colonoscopy (which is the procedure you say you are having done), patients are given a bowel cleansing solution to drink in order to clean the entire lining of the colon. Patients are also instructed to have a clear liquid diet prior to the procedure. For a flexible sigmoidoscopy (an evaluation of approximately 1/3 of the colon), patients are commonly prescribed enemas before the procedure. You should clarify with the facility that is doing the procedure, or the provider that ordered the procedure for you to clarify what you should do. Usually a nurse can easily answer this question for you. I would hate for you to show up to the procedure and not have been adequately prepped.

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