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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Stent Durations



A nuclear stress test shows I have a blockage (severity unknown)and I`ll soon be having a catherization and possible drug-eluding stent(s).

I recognize different people will have different outcomes; however, what is the optimum number of years that a stent can be effective until you need another stent and/or bypass procedure?


Stents can be effective indefinitely, as long as you modify your cardiovascular risk factors. Drug eluting (coated) stents are less prone to restenosis, or 're-blocking', but require that you take a blood thinner called Plavix for about 1 year. Depending on what the cardiac cath shows, you may not need another procedure for many years, if you change your modifiable cardiac risk factors (smoking, cholesterol, hypertension, exercise, obesity, diabetes). You will learn all about what you need to know in cardiac rehabilitation after the procedure.

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Karen   Kutoloski, DO Karen Kutoloski, DO
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