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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Bleeding after Enbrel



I have noticed the past few times I have to put pressure on the injection site longer to stop the bleeding then I use to. The last two blood test were the same thing. There is not alot of blood but it takes long for it to stop bleeding. I am takining Enbrel, MTX, Coversyl and Tiazac. I had a blood test 8 weeks ago and it all came back fine even the platelets. What could be causing this?


People vary in how much they bleed from one time to another, even if there is nothing wrong with their clotting mechanism. Of the drugs you mention, I would be more concerned about Methotrexate than Enbrel. A new set of tests might be reassuring.

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Irving  Kushner, MD Irving Kushner, MD
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School of Medicine
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