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Eye and Vision Care

Salzmans Nodule



what is salzmans nodule


Salzmann's nodular degeneration is a corneal disease in which elevated, grayish-blue nodules form close to the surface of the cornea and, if severe, may cause irritation, redness, and poor vision. They are more common in women over the age of 50, are usually found in both eyes, and may be preceeded by a corneal infection (keratitis). If the patient reports no symptoms, then doctors will just record their presence and monitor the patient every 6-12 months. However, if the nodules are located in the peripheral cornea and cause symptoms of irritation and redness, artificial tears, soft contact lenses, and/or antibiotic eye drops may be prescribed. If the nodules are located in the central cornea and cause reduced vision, corneal surgery may be needed to remove them.

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