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Breast Cancer

7 mm nodule in my left breast



I am 40 yrs old and got my 1st mammogram in Jan 07. They aid it was abnormal so I had to go and get an ultrasound done. I just got the results yesterdat(3/12/07). The doctor told me that the mammogram and ultrasound shows a 7mm Nodule on my left breast. So, he recommends removing it and doing a breast biopsy.

I am worried so much about it being breast cancer. I asked him if it is serious and he said he wouldn`t know until the biopsy is done. So, now I have to schedule that to be done. But with the military we have to wait for authorization to get it done at a outside provider.

Waiting is so hard. We(husband and I) are worried that is a big Nodule. Should I get panicky? I don`t know. No one in the family has ever been diagnosed with cancer. Please help.


Just like your doctor, I can't tell you for certain what is in your breast until you have the biopsy.  However, up to 80% of breast masses that require biopsy are not cancerous.

The other good news, is that the mass is small.  Hopefully, this isn't a breast cancer.  But if it is...it is very small and very treatable.  Good luck.

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