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Exercise and Fitness

What are the best walking shoes for me?



I wear a podemeter to count my steps during the day and I walk a lot (between 17,000 & 20,000 steps per day). It seems like I am wearing holes in the bottoms of my shoes about every two to three months. The rubber starts thinning in the same spot each time (at the top part of the sole where the rubber is thinest). Is there a specific shoe I should look for to minimize wear & tear or anything I can do to slow this proceess? I`m going broke on tennis shoes!


At the rate you are walking, maintaining good footwear will be a problem.  I suggest when you see deals on footwear, stock up.  Look for "buy one get one free" or "buy one get your second half off".  You might also find a place where after you buy so many pairs in a year, you get a pair free.  Check your local footwear stores and look online for deals.  My only other suggestion would be to consult a podiatrist and see if he/she could help you.  Hope this helps.

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