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Colon Cancer

Tissue in stool



I`m a very healthy 41 year old female. My last blood test was 2 years ago & all normal. The only thing that has been noted is a frequency w/ periods which my doctor indicated would happen around this age (this has been going on for about 2 years). I`ve moved & have no current doctor. Yesterday, I had ribbons of tissue in my stool. I had to check it out. It looked like intestinal (or something of the like) tissue. Flat & smooth on one side & a few tiny bumps on the other. It was beige (no redness). I`ve had no cramps... nothing! Today - normal everything. I travel for a living, which can be a bit stressful, but yesterday I was working from home with no stress. I had a salad for lunch the day before - which is also normal. I`m a fairly bland eater - so there wasn`t anything there to irritate my system. I`m concerned, but since I feel "okay", not sure I need to see a doctor. It`s a sensitive topic!


It is difficult to say what that was exactly. It was concerning enough for you to notice it. Therefore, my suggestion is to get a new doctor ( always a good idea) and discuss this with him/her including the need for any further testing.

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