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Kidney tuberculosis is infectious or not?



One of my close relatives is suffering with kidney tuberculosis.  He has been diagnosed by the group of doctors one week back that he is sufereing with kidney tuberculosis.  He used to pass the urine with blood. He used to take more time to pass the urine. He is suffering with high b.p also. He got married 8 months back.  The wife is living with him.  Our question is, is this kidney tuberculosis infectious or not?  Please answer.  If it is infectious, what are precautionswe have to observe?  And also we have another doubt can his wife lead family life with him while he is suffering with kidney tuberculosis.  Thanking you.


Tuberculosis of the kidney is not infectious to others. Because the tuberculosis infection is only spread through the air, it is not possible to pass the infection through urine. In addition, there is no risk to having sexual relations with a person suffering from tuberculosis of the kidney.

However, tuberculosis of the kidney sometimes occurs at the same time as tuberculosis of the lung. If tuberculosis is present in the lung then it would be possible to transmit the TB germs to others when you cough. The best way to prevent transmission is for the person who is sick to take the tuberculosis medications exactly as prescribed. Within just 2 days of starting TB treatment a patient with TB of the lung becomes markedly less infectious.

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