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Dull right-sided head pain and numbness



About 1 year ago I strted having severe right temple pain after intercourse. Now I have started getting dull head pain and numbness on the right side. My right eye has some weakness and numbness around the right side also. These symptons come on when I exercise or strain such as having a bowel movement. I get nervous because of the numbness and the feeling of heaviness of my right eye. What could it be? Should I worry?


Yes, your complaints needs medical attention.

Intracranial Aneurysm can cause headache during intercourse, so it is very important, especially if you still have headache during intercourse, to be evaluated with an angiogram. The angiogram is to exclude an aneurysm in the brain. The right eye pain during strain, like a bowel movement, can be caused by low lying cerebellum which is in the back of your brain. An MRI of the brain must be done to exclude such a disorder.

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Yousef  Mohammad, MD, MSc Yousef Mohammad, MD, MSc
Assistant Professor
Director, Stroke Fellowship Program
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University