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High iron level



Hi, I am concerned about my blood tests which I received last week,but, I don`t have any symptoms. The results are: UIBC 96(ug/dl) Iron serum 233(ug/dl) Iron saturation 62(ug/dl) Gamma glutamyltransferase 128(u/l) Can you advise me something?


Although it is somewhat confusing as to which numbers and which units go together, it appears that the iron saturation of 62% - if that is correct - would be somewhat elevated.

In this situation, the appropriate follow up would include genetic testing to confirm or deny presence of traits associated with hemochromatosis.  A physician such as a gastroenterologist or hematologist, or an organized program for hemochromatosis, would perhaps be the best option for further evaluation of this problem because they have the most experience in interpretation to follow up on laboratory results.

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Mark   Wurster, MD Mark Wurster, MD
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