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Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Tumor Growth Time



Tumor Site: Cecum Tumor Configuration: Ulcerative Tumor Size: 6.5 cm. Histologic Type: Adenocarinoma Histologic Grade: Moderately differtiated Lymph Nodes: 3 Positive of 29 examined My question is approximately how long do you think this type of tumor took to grow before diagnosis (how many years?) I was diagnosed at age 48. Stage III in December 2004. A right-hemi colectomy was performed January 2005, followed by 6 months of chemotherapy. Please advise, thank you. Respectfully.


It is difficult to estimate. However, it is knows that many colon cancers start as polyps and then turn into cancer. The time for a lesion to grow from polyp to cancer is reported to be around 10 years. But, in some patients, their polyps could turn into cancers faster. This is why gastroenterologists recommend repeating colonoscopy three years later if a scope shows polyps.

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