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Pulmonary Fibrosis

Daughter has 5c mass in right lobe



My daughter who is 25yrs old and has rhemantoid arthritis came down with bronchitis 12/27/06 received antibotics, again in Feb and in March went to her rheumantologist and received another 2 week treatment and put her back on predizone. 2 weeks ago started a z pack but doctor wanted chest xray and blood work, within a hour told her to get to doctors through back door she might have TB, waited 3 days test negative so do bronchoial scope and ct, see 5c mass in right lobe and she has little spots on legs, send her home because of her autoimmune said she might pick up something in hospital if admitted. Fever continues of 101 and Fri they admitted her she is on IV`s of ampicillin sodium 3000mg 100 ml and vancomycim 1000mg hcl 250ml and they have her off her methtretrat and plaquil. First they thought this was a fungus ball and there is hole in it, then they thought abscess and now they said it could be pneumino. They say all tests have come back negative for histoplasmosis, blasto,TB and cancer. They are talking about draining it or doing surgery and cutting it all. I am beside myself and before they operate I want a second opinion. Any ideas or suggestions? She is still in hospital and her fever today has gone down to around 99.5 to 99.2, she is still coughing pink or yellow phelghm and is very tired. Just getting sponge bath wore her out. She is in a job that she is exposed to alot of people. Any help greatly appreciated!


There are many causes of lung masses in patients with rheumatoid arthritis including infection (such as abscess, fungal infection, and tuberculosis), benign rheumatoid nodules, and cancer. Often a confident diagnosis requires lung biopsy.

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