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Hematoma keeps forming - bleeding from bone?



My wife had an RBKA in may `05. She is still in her initial prosthesis which is ill fitting. Four months ago, she developed a hematoma swelling at the distal end which was drained (65 cm). It reformed and was drained again, and subsequently a 3rd time.

A Vascular surgeon ruled out vascular issues, and suggested she may be bleeding from the end of her bone (she fell about two months prior to this starting). Is this a possibility? Can the end of the bone be sealed again so she can continue her goal of refitting her prosthesis? She wants to avoid revision surgery that goes AKA. HELP!


This is an unusual problem. If this continues, the wound will have to be explored and possibly revised. Probably it would not have to be revised to an AKA, but that is possible. It could be that this is a sign of infection. The bone usually seals over unless there is infection or something keeping it from doing so.

Additional information from Dr. Jean Starr.

It sounds like she may have a recurring seroma which comes from a leakage of fluid. This certainly could occur in damaged tissue. It becomes a chronic cavity which may not resolve on its own. Repeated drainages can sometimes introduce infection. If there are no options left, then an open debridement of the area may be indicated in order to avoid an AKA as mentioned.

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Blair  Vermilion, MD Blair Vermilion, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University

Jean  E Starr, MD Jean E Starr, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University