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Root Canals

Pain after root canal?



It`s a pain , but Im wondering how is that possible after a root canal?

I been to another dentist he said the cause of the pain might be the wisdom tooth , (I m 32 years old). He also said that I have to wait 2 more weeks and pull it if still there is pain??? As of today it seems that pain is increasing, any idea?

Root Canals Pain after root canal?

03/28/2007 12:57PM Question:

I had root canal treatment 2 weeks ago on #31 (or #18), I still have pain, the pain is almost same as before , its a mild pain. I been to the dentist after that again and he said it might be due to material he filled in, which made no sense to me. He hit the tooth with the metal stick and it gave pain at that moment, but the pain doesnt occur with cold or hot or when I eat but it still continues after 2 weeks. He also mentioned during treatment he filled 4 canals and one has a fork end .

And when I got home I hit the tooth with a metal stick too, I have a bigger pain when I hit horizontally ( I dont know if this may indicate anything)

Should I wait more or see another doctor?


Having some discomfort after a root canal is not uncommon. This is due to an inflammatory process necessary for healing. Discomfort within the first couple of weeks can be well within the normal range. However, if your symptoms don`t start to improve or new symptoms develop, I would see your dental professional. If you would like another evaluation, an endodontist (who specializes in root canal therapy) would be another option.


I understand that you are still having pain. It can be very normal to experience pain after a root canal. However, there could be other reasons for continued pain. I can not diagnose any of these based on a radiograph alone. To make any accurate interpretation of the situation, you need to have a thorough evaluation, and I would suggest that this is done by someone who is an expert in this area, an endodontist. There may be other options besides an extraction, and an exam would help you with these options.

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Melissa McCartney Drum, DDS, MS Melissa McCartney Drum, DDS, MS
Assistant Professor of Endodontics
College of Dentistry
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