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Kidney Diseases

Low Potassium Alternative to Ensure



I have kidney cancer--one kidney removed. I need to gain some weight but I also need to watch my potassium intake. I was drinking Ensure to gain weight but was advised not to continue because of its relatively high potassium content. At the time I got this advice, I was unkowingly consuming a high potassium diet--bananas, lots of orange juice, fat free milk, nuts, etc. I have since changed my diet and tests show that my kidney funtion over the last year has stabilized as follows: potassium--3.8-4.4, creatinine--1.5-1.8, BUN--20-25. Can you recommend some weight increase supplements similar to Ensure that are low in potassium which would be suitable for me?



Watching the potassium should not be an issue unless there are problems with the filtering system of the kidney. Needing to be on a low potassium diet is very unusual aside for reasons of kidney failure. I would double check with your doctor in this one. In terms of nutrition, eating regular food is always better than ensure or other supplements.

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Thomas  Olencki, DO Thomas Olencki, DO
Clinical Professor of Medical Oncology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University