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Skin Care and Diseases

Odd bumps?



I`m only 14 and about 2 weeks ago i got about 5 bumps on my stomich. My mom and i thought that i just had managed to get the chicken poxs another time. They`re on my stomich upper and mid back and butt. They sometimes itch. EXP. at night. They look like they r fading and then they come back at the same spot and im getting more. i got one on my shoulder just yesterday


It's really hard to tell without seeing the lesions. The fact that they itch could indicate that they're some sort of allergic reaction, for example an allergic response to something the skin in those areas get in contact with. They could also represent a process happening in the hair follicles, like a folliculitis, which is almost similar to pimples.

Usually, chicken pox happens only once in a person's lifetime. A re-activation of the chicken pox virus is possible but that manifests as zoster or shingles, which is often accompanied by pain instead of itching. A visit to the physician/dermatologist will be the best thing to settle this question.

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Elma D Baron, MD Elma D Baron, MD
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