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Lacunar infarct in left lentiform nucleus



My mother`s brain was scanned; CT Scan of the brain, and the doctor has said in his report that she has lacunar infarct in the left lentiform nucleus and also small infarct in the right centrum semiovale. She is a diabetic patient, she is not able to move her left leg for the past one week, she has sense in the left leg, she is 55 years old. How long will it take to cure this, what kind of treatment she has to be given, should she undergo an operation, will her condition improve if the necessary medicines are given? What are the medicines that are currently being marketed by pharma companies in the market for this condition? And also, if you could provide us with some more detail citing any clinical research that has happened.


Most of these questions surround the basic principles of recovery after stroke (how much occurs?  how does work?), which have been previously answered. 

As yet, no medications are available that lead to recovery after stroke.  I am not aware of any ongoing pharmaceutical trials of promising medications.  There are ongoing trials of specific therapies (constraint induced therapy) and devices (an implantable cortical stimulation device, an external bioprosthesis, etc.) to help people recover.  I have also covered most of these in previous questions.

Thus, I refer you to previously answered questions.

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