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Thyroid Diseases

Pregnancy Induced Hypothyroidism



During pregnancy, I had increased levels of TSH & was prescribed 25mg Thyronorm daily. During the third trimester, the dose was increased to 25mg one day & 50mg the next day. I delivered my baby on 24 February 2007 by C-section. I stopped taking medication few days later. On 4 April 2007, I got myself tested for thyroid. The result was: T3-2.76, T4-1.01, TSH-8.430. Have I developed hypothyroidism? Should I start medication (Thyronorm 25mg/ 50mg) as before? Anxiously waiting for your reply.


Your thyroid level is mildly decreased. It is too early to say whether this is permanent or not. If you don't have any symptoms of an underactive thyroid (tiredness, feeling cold, achiness, constipation) then it would be OK just to recheck the blood test every few months for a while. If you have symptoms then it would be reasonable to continue the thyroid hormone for now. If you wanted to, you could try to go off it later and see if the problem is permanent or not.

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