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Dental and Oral Health (Seniors)

Why is there a `bone` growing on the outside?



Four years ago I had my upper teeth pulled and a denture made. Six months ago I had implants on my bottom teeth, then had the teeth pulled and the bottom denture installed. It snaps onto the implant posts. On the lower right a knot has formed. Also, one has formed on the upper left. It is a hard knot, and feels like a bone. The upper one is really sore and the bottom denture hits against it and I cannot chew on that side.

My dentist is at a loss as to what this is and sent me to a "specialist." The specialist said not to worry, if it bothers me (which it does), I could have my dentist grind it down. (Sounds like a lot of pain to me). What should I do from this point? Surely someone else in this world has had this same problem. What can be done? Thank you!


Sounds like bone that was not removed properly after the extractions and needs to be remodel or removed in order to allow the dentures to seat well.

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Alfredo  Hernandez, DDS, MS Alfredo Hernandez, DDS, MS
Assistant Professor of Comprehensive Care
School of Dental Medicine
Case Western Reserve University