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Ischemic stroke



Hello I`m from Bangladesh.Age:68, Male, weight;58 kg, having Diabetes (Avg130), blood Cretanine:1.4. A Ischemic stroke happened on 2nd April right side. Color Doppler shows blockage 20-25%. I get treatment from Delhi`s(India) Hospital for 10 days. Left side disability is recovering satisfactory. Now continuing specially Aspirin OD, Monotrate Twice a day, Betalock 50mg twice a day. When I was in Hospital the BP was controlled (Avg 130-80), but now it is higher, especially at morning time and evening time (Avg 180-80). Currently feeling not so bad. I need your valuable advice about BP and overall conditions. Thanks.


I'm glad to hear that you are recovering well.  Keep working hard at this--the more you use your bad side, the more likely to are to return to your original function. 

Your systolic blood pressure (the top number) is too high if you are averaging 180 mm Hg.  It is not uncommon to have worse blood pressure control outside the hospital as compared to within, due to changes in diet, lifestyle, etc. 

I have written extensively about the importance of blood pressure control, and managing other risk factors like diabetes, on reducing your risk for subsequent strokes.  Please refer to previously answered questions for more information.

Good luck to you. 

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