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Addiction and Substance Abuse

False positive test for cocaine - Part 1



I was recently drugs tested. The test came back positive for cocaine. But I know that I haven`t done any drugs and I been clean for 9 months. I have read that having Hep.C. which I do have,can result in a false positive result.I do not take any medication at this time for my disease, but I do take alot Vitamin B-12 everyday, and I have taken Niacin, and Detox pills in hopes to rid myself of Hep.C. I know now that I was in denial, and just trying anything to rid my body of this disease. By taking these Vitamins, and cleasneing pills(Detox pills)and Niacin pills,and having Hep.C. cause a false positive result?


The best way to be sure about a urine drug screen is to have any positive test followed-up with a "GC-MassSpec" confirmation test (on the same urine sample). That really is the only thing that can help clarify the situation of a positive result that the patient thinks should not have been positive.

Regarding all of the other things you have been taking, they should not (but that does not mean could not) affect the urine result. Also, they are of questionable benefit and might even be harmful for the liver, so please be sure to see a liver specialist for advise before taking supplements.

Finally, there is no such thing as a "detox pill" for cleansing the system, and who ever is selling them is basically taking your (and other people's) money ... goodness knows what is in them!

Thank you for the question!

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