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Uterus mioma associated with anemy



What kind of tumor is a mioma? Benignus or malignus? If it isn't a malignus tumor, it is possible to remove it without removing the whole womb? And what about the real chances to be pregnancy after this surgery? I'm 39 years old and I had given birth only once and it was a cesarean birth. An adittional information about my case: I have an intense menstruation bleeding that causes low hemoglobine and iron levels.


A myoma is another term for a fibroid. These are almost exclusively benign growths and only need treatment if you are having symptoms. The most common ones are heavy or irregular vaginal bleeding and pain.

There is a surgical procedure called myomectomy which can remove the fibroids and preserve the uterus. It is best performed when fertility wants to be maintained.

The chances of getting pregnant after the surgery depend on many factors: your age, the location of the removed fibroids and any scarring that may form from the surgery.

An infertility specialist or an GYN with experience in this area can provide more throrough counselling.

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