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High Blood Pressure

Fluctuating blood pressure



I have Lyme Disease and one of the complications I have is High blood pressure, but it fluctuates, I can have a reading of 150/100 sitting, I stand up and it drops sometimes only the top number, it will drop to 120/100, sometimes I get much lower reading like 120/80, I am very confused, for a few days I will have normal numbers and then it starts fluctuating again, my doctor gave me lisinipril but I am scared to take it, I am scared of pressure dropping too low, the other problem is that my pulse is higher when standing than sitting, I did a kidney scan and all lookes okay, your suggestion would be apprecated, I am a 40 year old female and also developed diabetes at this time


The relationship between Lyme disease and high blood pressure is not clear.  Lyme disease can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, but the effect on blood pressure is inconsistent.

In your case, it is important to consider the average blood pressure.  If your average is consistently above 130 systolic, you may consider taking lisinopril.  Lisinopril usually does not cause low pressure unless the patient is volume depleted.  Lisinopril has advantages that go beyond blood pressure control:  It reduces the risk of heart and kidney disease and reduces the risk of developing diabetes.  If you are already diabetic, lisinopril is an excellent choice.

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