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Uterine fibroid and clomid



My husband and I are both 26 and have been trying to conceive for 15 months. We have had some testing and have been labeled as having "unexplained infertility" I have taken Clomid days 2-6 at 50 mg for two months and have responded well (Progesterone 26.8 and then 31.2) but did not get pregnant. During one of my follicle scans they found a uterine fibroid. They brushed it off and have been unable to tell me where it is and what kind it is. All I know is it is 6mm. They said the rest doesn`t matter because it is so small it will not effect fertility or pregnancy. I have read horror stories on the web about late miscarrisges due to fibroid growth. Does Clomid cause fibroids to grow? When should they be removed and when should they just be monitored? Thank you!


Typically, the treatment for unexplained infertility involves the use of fertility medications to increase the number of eggs (pills such as clomid, or shots) in addition to placing the sperm and egg closer together (using intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization). 

With regards to uterine fibroids, issues such as size, impingement upon the uterine cavity, and location within the uterine cavity.  Usually, size greater 3.5 cm (i.e. 35 mm) might cause a problem.  As your fibroid is only 6 mm, this is very unlikely to cause any significant problems. 

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