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Breast soreness



I regularly do BSE; however, this morning I did so without remembering that my period should start in about two days. I`m 42 (today, in fact) and my breasts have always been a little lumpy. I thought for a moment that I felt something unusual, but must have been mistaken because I tried for almost an hour to “find” it again, and couldn`t. Meanwhile, after all that poking and prodding, the breast in question has been sore all day. I should not have done BSE this close to my period, probably, but wasn`t thinking. Of course, now, since my breast is so sore, I`m in panic mode. My question is…I understand that it`s normal for many women to experience soreness/tenderness before periods (and I`m noticing that I experience it more as I get older)…but can vigorous BSE during that time make your breast sore as well? I have been worried about this all day, but have assumed I just poked at the “wrong time” of the month.


It is very common to experience breast pain before your period and this can be exaggerated by repeated breast exams. The breast does feel more lumpy prior to your period. Please do not worry about the breast pain. It should subside in a couple of days. Please exam your breast a week after your period and if you still feel any lumps kindly see your doctor. Also if you breast pain does not subside in a week consult your doctor.

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