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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Lumps on sides of my nose after surgery



Hi there was a post here sometime in july of 05 which reads...

Question: In July of 2005, I had surgery to help open up nasal valve(s) to improve poor airflow, where grafts are my profile shows a bump and then slope down, looking like a parrot`s beak (my closest description) is it true this can take up to 2yrs for total edema in the area to diminish? I am 49, had sinus/septum problems for years, after breaking my nose around 1993, former ENT straightened deviated septum at the time of setting the break, after that no more sinus infections, etc. Over the years, while still staying sinus infection free, airflow started to decrease only would open if I took my hand and spread the skin around the cheek area aside. Last year ENT`s tests concluded this was due to areas sagging with age, yes even the nose/nasal area, thus causing this obstruction type symptom, so I opted for this surgery to correct problem. Scarred area where closing stitches above lip between nostrils has partial numbness and tawt feeling, top of nose gets swollen more than usual, occasionally, and I hear the total healing can be up to 2yrs? Will the cartlidge grafts recede to normal appearance (before surgery) by then and eliminate the bump that appears now? I`m suppose to see ENT in May 2006 for follow up, but till then I am very concerned if that now I am permanently going to have this bump, and strange feeling to the touch of the skin covering the nose. I appreciate any info to my question you can offer me, as I await for my follow up visit. It would help reduce the anxiety I am having over this, causing me to regret ever opting for this surgical procedure. Perhaps I am impatient, and it is just a matter of time for the return to my nose`s former appearance. Thanks so much, "curious me"

Answer: You have a very complicated situation. It is really inappropriate for me to try and comment on your situation because there are so many variables. It is common that changes after this type of surgery can continue for up to two years. I feel that you must have had significant trust in your surgeon to undergo the surgery. I would urge you to stick with him until you are convinced that you are not getting better or you feel that he is not honoring his commitment to you. Once you have given the appropriate amount of time for the swelling to go down and feel that the surgeon is not answering you questions then you should seek a second opinion from a experienced and reputable surgeon

I have the same problem on both sides of my nose. I had ear cartlidge for upper laeral part of nose...5 weeks later (and since 1st day post op) I have lumps on both sides making my nose look real wide and strange. My ps keeps telling me to give it time but sounds like he wants to buy time. Side view also has hump. Never had ant of these problems before. Please someone shed some light on this...thank you.


As healing occurs in the nose, after such surgery, the external appearance can change.  The skin over the nose is generally very thin, allowing minor abnormalities or asymmetries in the underlying cartilaginous skeleton to be visible.  If you have any concerns, I would share them with your surgeon.  Such surgery usually includes any postoperative adjustments that might be necessary.

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