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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Severe Joint Pain with no reasons



I saw a previous question describing the same symptoms as mine. Two weeks ago I had what I thought was a bout with flu, but the debilitating effects have lingered on: severe joint pain when I try to more any of my joints: wrists, shoulders, fingers, knees. I had never before suffered from anything remotely like arthritis.And there are many rashes on my legs, thighs, and in the groin area. I have undergone all the blood and urine tests and Lyme test result was negative. I am taking the painkiller ic naproxen sodium, but when the drug wears out, the pain and weakness comes back. I have been an extremely healthy 72-year-old. Is this some sort of vicious virus, or something more ominous? Please Help!!!!!!!


Presence of arthritis and rash suggests the possibility of vasculitis. Also need to consider the possibility of reactive arthritis due to viral infection with rash due to viral exanthem (rash). A rheumatologist's evaluation would be helpful in making the correct diagnosis.

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