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Possible dx of hemochromatosis - high enzyme



Several months of medical problems including high blood sugar, fatigue, anemia, missed menses.hospitalized six mo ago with severe stomach pain...near fainting spells after exercise...dr just did liver scan one week ago and enzmes high...(normal six mo ago) redid enzymes and this week they have doubled...dr finally testing for hemochromatos...and had liver sonogram (right word?) Results should all be in end of next week. If hemochromatosis is positive...and/or liver cirrhosis or cancer positive...can you tell me questions i should be asking my gp? Thank you


We really need the biopsy results first - that's why they are doing the test.  It is impossible to begin to predict what needs to be done without knowing the diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis is established, you may want to talk with a GI specialist (gastroenterologist) or a hepatologist if it is not related directly to hemochromatosis. 

If it is, feel free to contact us again, and I'll be happy to fill in the gaps as best I can.

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