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Urinary Tract Cancers




I had an ultrasound and biopsy of my prostate in which one of the 6 samples was cancerous. Ten days later I pulled out during a sex orgasm and I saw thick dark blood mixed with semen. But during ejaculation I felt a squirt in my colon or abdomen {aren`t sure where it was}, and I believe it was my seminal fluid leaking inside my body -somewhere. Ten days later I retried to see if things returned to normal. Same results. Could the biosy needle have severed the seminal fluid line? Is this typical? Should I expect it to resolve it itself with time? What do I do now?

My oncologist tells me that I don`t need any treatment now; I am on a watchful wating timetable. But I am afraid to have sex due to the aforesaid problem, and I don`t want seminal fluid that may have cancer cells emptied into my abdomen. Any advice will be appreciated.


First, the blood is a normal consequence of a prostate biopsy and it will cease in time. I do not think anything like severing your vas deferens (one of the semen carrying tubes) has occurred. I suggest resuming your sex life again as soon as you want to and in time all should return to normal.

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