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Lump under ten year girl's left nipple



my daughter is 10 years old. She has a lump exactly under her left nipple that is the size of a quarter. She just mentioned it to me but says it has been there about a week. Her right nipple is fine. What could this be caused from? Is this just her breasts begining to develop or should I be concerned? We live in bush Alaska so we do not have access to doctors except by plane Thank you.


Breast development in a young girl is generally the first sign of sexual maturation in a female. It often starts as a small mound or bud of breast tissue between 9 - 13 years of age. To help distinguish between normal sexual development and some form of disease, it would also be important to assess the skin for any signs of tenderness or pain in that area, especially on pressure. Does the area feel smooth or is it uneven? Is it movable or fixed to the underlying tissue? It would be important to contact your health care provider by phone to report any signs of tenderness, pain, or uneven texture to ask for his/her advice.

It is wonderful that your daughter is open enough in her communication to share this information with you. Continue talking with her as she develops as a young woman.

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