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Skin Care and Diseases

Lichen planus chronicus



Back in the early 90`s, I was diagnosed as having Lichus Planus Chronicus. I was given topical ointments that seemed to help, but took forever to heal. I remember using gauze, non-stick dressings, because the skin on my shins would weep this liquid. I don`t know how long I had it, but it never totally goes away. To this day I still suffer from it; it starts to go away, but just doesn`t. I know stress has a lot to do with it, and over the years I have been under a lot of stress. I don`t really know what to do. I recently moved and I am trying to find new doctors. With luck I just might find the right doctor for me.


Lichen planus is a chronic condition that behaves differently in each patient. In some patients it clears after several years, only to come back sometime in the future, for others it is persistent. First, when you see a new dermatologist, confirm that you do have lichen planus.

Treatment options include topical steroids, protopic ointment, steroid injections into the spots, X-trac laser, phototherapy and if moderate or severe, plaquenil, Accutane, cyclosporine, cellcept and imuran. The choice of therapy is dependent on the impact of the disease on your quality of life, and the other medical conditions/medications your are one. Good luck finding a new dermatologist.

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