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Bloating, gas, nausea



I`m not sure whether it might be a problem with my pancreas, but i suspect that there`s probably a lack of enzymes. Quite often when i eat a normal sized meal (what others would say) which is considered as quite large for me, after about 10-15 minutes i get extremely tired, and i can feel that the energy is leaving my brain (possibly for digestion), and it seems to digest fairly quickly plus my stomach makes these weird noises. Also, my stomach will remain flat/no bloating. However, after another 20-30 minutes the more severe symptoms start, my central/lower abdomen gets extremely bloated (small intestinal area) and I start feeling sick and has some dull stomach aches, and i become tired again for a while – no energy to my brain. I also feel the urge to go to the bathroom but nothing comes, it`s just a lot of gas. Also, sometimes with all this i also experiwence pain in my left upper abdomen, today it radiated to my back.

So i`m not sure whether it might be my pancreas or stomach. also, my stools are usually yellowish, greasy/shiny with some mucus. It seems that more is coming out than going in – in terms of how much i eat. I`m also very underweight, i want to gain as soon as possible, even if i eat quite a lot i`m not gaining much. some help would be very appreciated, thanks!


With all your various symptoms it is important to know your medical background. I would advise you to seek consultation with a gastrointestinal specialist and be evaluated for further workup.

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