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Face and Jaw Surgery

Palatal torus removal



How serious is the surgery?


Palatal torus is a bony growth on the palate. These are usually present on the midline and their size can increase throughout life. The prevalence of palatal tori ranges 20% - 35% of the population.

Palatal tori usually require no treatment. They are removed if  ulceration occurs in the area of the tori due to repeated trauma. Also, the tori may complicate the fabrication of dentures.  If removal of the tori is needed, surgery is performed to decrease the size.

The recovery period and the extent of surgery is dictated by the size of the torus. This is usually performed with local anesthesia (lidocaine injections) or sedation (light to deep sleep). The majority of patients have a rapid recovery, and it is not very painful. The most common problem is tissue breakdown. No treatment is required for this besides good hygiene. The worst complication is potential fistula (opening) into the nose, but this is very rare.

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