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Parkinson's Disease

Does requip eliminate RLS tremors?



I have an employee (company policy mandates meds be on record because of nature of work) who says he is prescribed requip for RLS. I am concerned because after a month, I am still seeing upper body tremors, inability to sit still without moving his feet, some rigidity and feet shuffle when walking. This person isn`t as communicative as he once was, his voice is still strong but he talks much slower. I sent him for a fit for duty physical and the doctor OK`d him, but did suggest he may not approve him during his annual physical without a neurologicial evaluation. Also concerning is the fact that the examining doctor determined the prescription was written by a psychiatrist. Should the requip have corrected these symptoms? In my readings, his issue sounds more like Parkinson`s


It is not appropriate in this forum to make any suggestions or assessments specifically about an individual.  Requip and other medications in the class of dopamine agonists are now considered first-line therapy in the treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome.  There are other medications that also have been used with success.  The diagnosis of RLS is based on history and clinical exam (as is the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease). 

If there is any question regarding diagnosis of these conditions, it is best to have an evaluation with thorough examination performed by a specialist in neurological movement disorders.

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