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Result of CT scan



My father had a CT scan and this is the result; Impression: Lacunar infarct right lentiform nucleus and right anterior periventricular white matter, central cerebral and corticol atrophy. What is the layman,s term for all of these and how serious or bad it is please. Background: history of hypertension, on medications. Had blood pressure of 230 systolic and was started on nicardipine drip. With very mild ?slurred speech, but motor function is still intact. Thank you very much. It will be very much appreciated.


A lacunar infarct is a small stroke that affects the deep structures of the brain (including the lentiform nucleus, which I will not describe for you here). These are strokes that often have a reasonable recovery, many times to full function. It is not clear from the symptoms described if he actually had a clinical stroke or not. The most common risk factor for all strokes, but especially lacunar ones, is hypertension and it is very important that he be treated.

I have previously described “white matter disease” and consequences/importance, and I would refer you to those answers for more information.

Some degree of atrophy or shrinkage of the brain is expected with aging. The report does not indicate if the degree of atrophy was unexpected or not, in the radiologist’s opinion, so this may be “normal for age”.

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