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Colon Cancer

Follow-up and sx of recurrence



I am a 54 yo female non-smoker who had a RUL and chemo for Stage 1 mucinous adenocarcinama NSCL in July 2004. I was 52 at the time and had met all my Ins deductibles for the year and decided to get the old colonoscopy out of the way. I was found to have invasive moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma arising in an adenomatous polyp that extended at least into the superficial submucosa where it involve the cauterized base of the resection speciman. T2N0M0. I had a low anreior resection and no other treatment. I had a repeat colonscopy in Nov2005 and again in Oct 2006 which I wastold were fine. I don`t know when to expect to have another colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy but my question is regarding some symptoms, like bad cramps and a very uncomfortable pressure a lot of times in the rectum. Sometimes I have a very normal large bowel movement and I finish my "business" and feel like I have to go again which I do .This sometimes happens 3-4 times in a short amount of time until a looser bowel movement happens and I then feel like the pressure in the rectum eases up. Occasionally the bowel movement is flatter not tube shaped but usually tube shaped or loose. I usually have to strain quite a bit with all bowel movements. My lung Onc hasn`t asked much about this. I guess because it was not Lung mets and the GI doc said come back in 3 years for colonoscopy. To be fair these symptoms seem new to me over the last few months. Do they sound concerning for recurrence and who should I see? My Onc or GI doctor? Thank you so much for trying to address my concerns. It is not easy for me or I think most people to discuss their bowel habits but I would rather be safe than be proud and take a chance on another Cancer DX. Thanks


I would recommend you see your GI physician since you are having new lower GI symptoms.

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