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Parkinson's Disease

Levadopa equivalent daily dose



Hello is the following analysis correct Initially my parkinsons treatment was (after trying and ceasing Artane ):- 2x1mg Pergolide 3 times per/day = 6mg Pergolide + 1xMadopar 62.5 mg disp per/day for approx 3 years then Madopar 125mg was added 4 per/day =400mg of levadopa (still with 1x 62.5 mg disp Madopar) Then after a further 2.5 years due to compulsive behavior problems the Pergolide was ceased so i was on 4x Madopar 125 per day this was not quite enough so 3x sinamet 62.5 (50 mg levadopa) was added = (incl dispersible Madopar) 600 mg levadopa/day

BUT since 1mg of pergolide = c. 100mg of levadopa (ref. paper by Prof Niall Quinn London)the levadopa daily equivalent dose during the overlap was 600+400+50 = 1050mg/day = overdose??? (vs.600mg/day)



I am sorry, but the purpose of this forum is to provide general information regarding Parkinson's disease.  It appears that you have questions regarding treatment specific to your case.  Every person with PD presents with different symptoms and features and progresses differently.  Therefore, treatment is individualized based on the presentation.  I would urge you to speak to your Parkinson's specialist that is directing your care regarding specific medication questions.

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