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Urinary Disorders

Urinary Tract Infection (I need some help)



Hi, I am 29 years old Male, three days back i masturbated at night and slept, the next morning when i awoke up i had some little burning sensation while passing out the urine, i did not notice it and ignore, but at evening when i carefully noticed, my urine contained blood clots and pain was increased and i also caught fever. The next day i went to doctor who took urine and blood tests and conduct a test for checking the presence of stone in kidney. The urine report stated that i have an infection and kidney report says that there is no stone in kidney. Doctor gave me antibiotics and some other tablets, But my problem is that after having this dosage only for one day today i start growing pain in my right back portion just behind the belly, i suppose its not kidney, and i am sorry to say that my doctor did not say anything about this.

1)- Please can you explain my situation? 2)- Does masturbation is one of cause of UTI? 3)- What other source (not sex) can a male get UTI? 4)- For how long it will last?

Thanks in advance.


Your symptoms should get better quickly with the antibiotics. I would suggest that you give your doctor a call for more specific answers to your questions. It is difficult to answer your questions more definitively without seeing you.

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Donald R Bodner, MD Donald R Bodner, MD
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