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Response to "Bone Density Results -1.4."



This is my reply to the doctor who answered my original question "Bone density results -1.4."

1-Yes, I have mild scoliosis in my upper and lower back since childhood.

2-Yes, I have degenerative disc disease in my cervical spine, and at all levels in my lumbar spine with disc buldging at all levels.

3-I also have an undiagnosed pain and stiffnes in my sacral spine and upper back, which makes it hard to bend forward or turn over in bed.

4-I do not know if I have a vertrabal compression fracture, but I think something is wrong with sacral spine, because of the pain in my legs when I stand up.

I am a 54 year old female. Is it normal to have so many problems with my spine at my age? Should my doctor look for what is wrong with my upper back or sacral spine, also? Could I have cord compression?


The minimal osteopenia you have by your bone density score can be addressed with adequate calcium and vitamin D. Consider consulting an orthopedist who specializes in the spine for your other spine problems.

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Margery   Gass, MD Margery Gass, MD
Formely, Professor, Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati