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Vascular Surgery

Are my symptoms vascular?



On 6-5-7, I had my blood pressure taken on my left arm.I should have known better not to have the blood pressure taken on my left, but right arm. Within a matter of time, I experienced such an extreme amount of pressure on my left side: on top of my head, the side of my head, behind my left eye,my forehead,the side of my face(left)my neck,my shoulder,my bicep,the area where the blood pressure was take, below the elbow(left arm) to the left hand.I experienced such pressure, I could not make heads or tails of a curb(I fell down the side walk),I could not distinguish a floor pattern in a musuem and thought they were steps (putting my foot out just in case they were steps),pressure at the corner of my forehead, where it feels like it is being twisted and turned. I react to temp: hot and cold. My left arm feels like it is swollen inside. On June 7, my md ref me to have a doppler of the left arm, to rule out a blood clot. The results were negative. I do have thoracic outlet syndrome (spoke w/the neurologist yesterday, and he said he did not know what to say. my experience is not related to tos.I have also been told I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy, but not told this is one of the symptoms.On Nov. 21, 06, I had a chest scan with a specific dye where I was told the dye would warm up my chest and throat.I only experienced the warmth on my right and not left side. When I swallow something hot or cold, I only feel it on my right side. I have been told I have raynaud`s, carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia. Yet, I do not believe that what I have been experiencing on & off for years (everyday since 10-11-06) and recently worsened my pain back to a 10 on June 5th, because my blood pressure was taken.

Any input as to what type of doctor I should address this ongoing and everlasting pain and discomfort to.


I can not detect a vascular problem from your detailed description, but would suggest you check with your primary care physician if you feel a referral is necessary.

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