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Athletic Training

Sprained ankle/ torn ligaments



hi, im having trouble healing my foot. i rolled it about 3 weeks ago and i sprained my ankle and tore the ligements on the end bone on my foot. it doesnt hurt at all when i walk on it but it only hurts when its julted, if i kick something and wen it twists. i need my foot to heel by this weekend because i have an important sports event on. please could you give me some tips on how to make it better! thanks luke browne


Sprained ankles can often be difficult to manage.  It is very important to see your physician to be sure that there is not something more serious going on with your ankle and/or foot.  Once it has been determined by your physician that you have an ankle sprain, you first want to control the swelling around the joint by using cold therapy.  Once the swelling is under control, you need to begin light activity that will help you to increase the range of motion of the foot.  You may then progress to ankle strengthening activities, and then to sport specific activities as you pain and function allows.  It may be wise to find an athletic trainer or physical therapist in your area to assist you with this very gradual process.

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